August 28: Take a Chance on Me

For starters, I would like to point out that I will take this a different path then the prompt may say.

Take a chance on me.

I know I can be hard to handle. I know I can be too emotional and a little bit insane.

I know I can be nosy. I know I can be stubborn as heck and hard to understand.

I know I can be conflicted with myself at times. I know I can be a hypocrite who just doesn’t know how to live life.

I know I can start up drama. I know I can set a fire to burn and trap a million people inside.

I know I am a danger to some hearts and feelings. I know I can be harmful to those who don’t quite understand. But…take a chance.

I can also be very lovable. I can be generous and kind.

I can be sensitive but that’s only because I care. I can be emotional because sometimes I’m just a little too much ‘there’.

I can be nosy because I want to know how I can help. I can hard to understand, but that’s only if you don’t take out the time.

I can start up drama but…well…who doesn’t at some point in time?

Everyone can be many things. There is always something more within. There might be a fire burning on the outside while there is an ice block hiding within.

Covers hide many things, and people are constantly surprised that what you see might not match what is lurking inside.

Take a Chance on Me


About MysteriesOfLife

"The 'Earth' without 'art' is just 'eh'."
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