A Painting

A Painting

Corners black and lighten to a white light in the middle.
A girl sands in the corner, hair covering her eyes, dark and bold.
She stands over a desk, lost in her own world
as she works on yet another project.

Around her, the walls are not bare.
They are white, painted with simple designs of curves, swirls and lines.
They hold countless of her own masterpieces; photos
of nature, her friends, her family, and even her empty studio when it was first bought.

It was a place of her dreams. It was a place she poured her heart out
onto the empty canvases and into her photographs.
It was a place she took much pride in and cared for unlike no other.
It was a place she always dreamed of, every since she was a young girl.
And now that it was reality, she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.


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