August 31: Decisions, Decisions

August 31: Decisions, Decisions

My heart leads, but my mind does not always follow.
My mind knows, but my heart does not always agree.

I care about them. If we have history, there is a higher chance of me not having the ability to let go.
I know what happened in the past creates a higher chance of reliving what put me through so much pain.

This is my dream. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.
There is more to think about, and you can’t always be selfish.

They should try to understand for me. They don’t know what it’s like being me!
But I’m not trying to put myself in their position either. I should think with a calm mind, not an emotional one.

There are different types of people. I tends to be the one whose heart leads. My friend tends to be the one whose mind has overwriting power. Despite our differences, we are similar as well…and we all have so much to learn from one another.

Decisions, Decisions


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