September 6: Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

Everyone has their regrets. Whether it be something that’s regretting for its existence or for its nonexistence, they are there. Regrets live on in our lives.

But it’s always better to regret doing something than leave yourself questioning what might’ve been…

It’s September 6th in the year 2015.
This pass year has been very eventful; both bad and good memories were made throughout it…but there were all these regrets. Regrets people shared or had on their own can be listed to become this huge file with no end.

It’s a new year; new opportunities for change will arise; new chances will be available to make; a new beginning has begun.

A friend once said, this year will be a year of no regrets.

Wish us luck!


About MysteriesOfLife

“I’m a simple girl.” “You lied. You aren’t simple at all.” “Maybe I’m not. But if I said that, would you have stayed around to figure me out?”
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