September 15: Sorry, I’m Busy….

September 15: Sorry, I’m Busy….

1: Can we talk?
2(friend): What’s up?

1: I’ve been feeling…really lost.
2: What do you mean?

1: You know, throughout my life…I’ve never had the courage to be who I really am out on front.
2: Because you think people won’t accept you for who you are. Your parents put that in your head. I’ve told you. They’re wrong. You just don’t believe me.

1: It’s hard to believe something that goes against everything you’ve been taught for your entire life…
2: Whatever. I’m busy. I’ll talk to you another time

3: You okay? You look a bit pale.
1(close relative): Yeah, I’m fine. Probably just been staying up too late studying.

3: Your parents really push you to do well in school. It’s important. I agree. Just remember to take care of yourself
1: I will. Don’t worry….

3: How’s the college search anyway? Any places you want to go to?
1: I’ve looked at a couple. The ones I want to go to, my parents wouldn’t allow me to. So…I’m looking at the ones they pick out for me mostly.

3: That’s great. They’re looking out for you. I didn’t think they would have the time to even talk to you about college with work and everything.
1: Oh…they make the time.

3: You’re luckier than you realize.

1: Just got in a fight with parents. Got time to talk?
2(same friend): Sorry. I’ve been really busy. Can we talk about it another time?

1: Of course

1: Yet another argument…why can’t we just agree on something and get this whole thing over with?! It’s so tiring!

1: Hello?

1: Hey
2: Sorry can’t talk

1: -sigh- I’m so done right now…I just want to get out of here already
2: Oh come on, it’s not that bad haha you’re just overreacting

1: I don’t think I am
2: You are. I know you. Sleep on it and you’ll realize you belong there.

1: Want to go somewhere for the day? Got kicked out of the house.
2: I’ll ask my mom

2: She said no. Your parents called…great going

1: I feel so trapped here.
2: That’s what you say every single time your parents try to advise you of something. They’re only looking out for you, gosh. Do you always have to make it sound so bad?

1: I’m not trying to make it sound bad. I’m just telling you what I think.
2: I think it’s dump. You’re being ungrateful. Try seeing things from their side.

1: I do! But I can’t see the reasoning behind trying to hide their child for a lifetime
2: Then you aren’t trying hard enough

1: How can you say that? I’ve told you all the things that has happened throughout the years. I’ve told you my side of the story. I’ve told you things I never would’ve told someone else…What’s been up with you lately?
2: Because it’s true. You’re being an ungrateful little bitch!

2: Sorry, I’m busy

1: -announced dead the next week-




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