Old Childhood Friend

Old Childhood Friend

Justin passes one of his friends. He knows something is up, but doesn’t make a move to see what’s wrong. The way she held herself, the way she walked, the look in her eyes, the little things that were different screamed something was going down. He saw the difference, he saw the fear, the uncertainty, the nervousness, but refused to say anything at all.

“What’s up?” His teammate greeted him with a smile.

He met up with the other boys. He spent the day with them. But for the entire day, he could not help but to think about the girl who walked away. She had paused for a second, holding his eyes in place, as if asking for help. Whether he wanted to or not, she began to fill his thoughts more and more as time went by. The gut feeling that something was wrong grew and starting eating at him.

“What’s wrong?” One of his teammates asked, noticing he was a little restless and out of place.

Justin ignored his friend, lost deep in his thoughts, thinking about the girl. She was a friend who he once knew, but something had happened throughout the years that caused them to grow apart. She use to be his best friend. She use to be all that he knew. But now that they crossed each other’s paths once again, she was just a face he use to know.

But still, he was worried. Something was wrong. Throughout the years, he kept an eye on her whenever he could. He took notes of how she was doing, whenever she was near. He never saw her very often, but a part of him yearned for her to be near.

While sitting with his teammates, visions of that girl continue to overload his mind and flood through his thoughts. Past memories they shared, moments they use to have, and old conversations he still remembered all rumbled through the gates from beyond. He had never thought about her this much before, but after seeing that fear in her eyes he could not think of anything else.

Suddenly he remembered. He had briefly heard about her and her drama from classmates nearby. He had listened in to conversations of her as her friends worried and feared. There was something going on. There was something going down. He worried that it was not as he feared.

He rushed home, grabbing at his phone. He had to reach her. He had to give her a call.

The line was dead. No answer was heard. He panicked and ran down the street.

He carefully made his way to her house, the one he use to visit all the time. Her friends were over. There were more cars on the driveway then ever.

“She never had visitors…” He thought to himself, walking up to the cracked-open front door.

She was crying on the ground. Her father was holding her in his arms, trapping her within. She was screaming something, running out of energy fast. She was sobbing, her heart was breaking.

“No…” He mumbled under his breathe.

She turned to look at him. Their eyes locked. She stumbled to run to him. She fell in his arms.

“Help me…” She sobbed, gripping at the fabric on his chest. “Please…help me, Justin…”


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