September 22: What Makes a Teacher Great

September 22: What Makes a Teacher Great

I’ve look up to teachers who have passion for the subject they teach/what they do. I looked up to those who show compassion and understanding towards their students. I love seeing teachers who are taken seriously, not because they are someone to be afraid of, but someone who has earned the respect and hearts of their students.

I think a teacher is “great” and beyond when their students:

1. Feel comfortable talking to them and getting advice from them
2. Can be themselves but still strive to be better
3. Take something real and meaningful from the class, besides the countless lessons
4. Remember the class and the memories throughout future years (in a good way)
5. Can’t stop talking about them (in a good way)
6. Respect them as a person
7. Learn the lesson without it being hammered through the skulls of their stubborn minds
8. Don’t complain about going to class (as much…because they always will)
9. Are inspired by them
10. Are respected, themselves.


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