“I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong!”

“I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong!”

The sky is blue. The breeze flows lightly. The leaves brush softly. The voice echo soundly. All seems well.

I glance outside my window and discover something that isn’t all that well. There’s police tape here and there. There’s police cars, fire trucks and ambulances parked all around the neighborhood.

Something’s wrong, I thought to myself as I continued to scan the scene for any hints of what was going on. I wonder if everything’s okay now…

An hour later, I decide to go on a walk. The tape was still there, but I decided to go out towards the opposite direction. I walked far away from the police cars and everything that seemed sketchy.

I walk in silence. I feel the cool breeze along my bare skin. I listen to the ruffling of the bushes and the leaves beneath feet.

Someone’s there. I immediately turn around and come in contact with a sharp metal blade pointed at my face. The sun reflected into my eyes. I couldn’t see the person very well, but I could make out the shape of the figure. It’s the guy they were looking for…

“I need your help.” The man stammered.

I focused on keeping my breathing steady, and responded, “There would be a higher chance of me helping you if you weren’t holding a knife to my face.”

He hesitated for a second, “Well…”

“You mind taking that out of my face?” I sternly asked.

He hesitated still, but then put the blade away. “How do you get out of here?”

“That way.” I pointed behind him, even though there was an exit behind me.

He glanced over and then back at me, “There are cops over there.”

I shrugged and told him. “So? We did nothing wrong.”

“Yeah…you’re right…” He mumbled softly, “We did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong…”

He continued to mumble that line to himself: I did nothing wrong.

I walked with him over to where the cops sat, leaning on their car. One of them made eye contact with me. I mouthed “help” and nodded to the man who was now walking in front of me. I mouthed “knife” and made a motion across my neck.

The cop got the signal. They made their way over and caught the man before he could run. The last words I heard him say were “No! I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t do anything wrong!”


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