Lost Memory

Lost Memory

Driving down the normal freeway home, the cars around me are going at least 70mph. It’s a great day. There’s no traffic. It’s wonderful.

I should be getting home in half an hour, but my thoughts are wandering and that is never good. Somehow I purposefully find myself in a huge car accident. People are crowding, yelling, screaming, and poking when I black out.

The next time my eyes open, there’s a white fuzz on everything I’m able to see. Nothing is really clear; the light is bent in weird ways at the edge of my eyes. I wake up alone and confused.

The room is empty. It’s a pretty nice room. There’s a window to my right, a cabinet below at my feet, a sink in the middle and a door on my left. There’s a few chairs here and there, a good amount of space around my bed, and a nightstand with flowers by my head. It is a very clean and nice room.

“Why am I in the hospital…?” I think to myself.

I can’t seem to remember if I’ve been in this room before. It looks familiar, but I can’t tell whether I’ve been in the exact room or just in a hospital in general. I can’t remember a lot of things…

The doctor comes in. He starts asking questions like “What is your name?” “How old are you?” “Who is your father?” “When is your birthday?” These questions are ones I know I should have the answers to, but I don’t. I start panicking.

“Why don’t I know my own name? When is my birthday? Is it in July? September? Or was it January?” I think to myself, my eyes darting this way and that, “Where is my dad? What’s his name? How old am I?”

The nurses quickly pick up on my restlessness and calm me down. Once I am in a more stable state, I am informed that my family members are waiting outside to see me. I explain that I do not want to see anyone at the moment. The doctor goes out with some medical excuse to tell my family members that they will have to come back the following day.

It’s still day. I spend the rest of that time wondering what happened to me. I question what happened that made me forget everything. I am curious about who I am and what I am doing in such a place.

A few days pass and I soon get more and more visitors. People who call themselves my friends and relatives come and see me. The doctors cut people off after three enter my room. When I got too many people, I’d panic again for the lack of knowledge of who these people were.

I would look at someone and either not recognize anything about them, or find something familiar. There was that rare couple that I recognized slightly. Something about them stood out.

One girl, a little younger than me, I recognized something about the way she held herself. One boy, probably my age, I found familiarity in his eyes. Another boy, I felt a strong connection that felt like home. Another girl, a little older than me, I saw familiarity in her voice. The atmosphere around a certain boy felt familiar.

I found little pieces of people I recognized. The specific thing was different for each person.

My vision blackened and soon I am sitting up in bed, facing this one boy. He is sitting in the chair, a leaning a little forward. He’s wearing a white t-shirt with a black logo on the chest area and dark blue jeans. There’s something about him.

He’s talking to me. I feel comfortable. I know this boy, but I don’t recognize him. Somehow I am not panicking to remember like with the others. I’m okay. I’m talking to him, or we are sitting in silence.

As my vision darkens again, I’m starting to remember something. Something important was going to happen, but I blacked out before I could find out what it was going to be.


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