A Little Escape

A Little Escape

Overloaded with work, stressed with the lack of time, frustrated with the inability to finish everything to the fullest potential, worried about not making the cut etc., my day is filled with this and that to add onto the workload and stress I have. Everyone has this. But the difference that I’m very, very grateful for is my little escapes from life.

No matter how stressed I am, no matter how hard it is for me to just breathe, I meet him for the day and all my worries seem to go away. Cliche. I know. But it seems so true and so real. All the weight on my shoulders seems light as a feather, the tension in the air that was causing me to have trouble breathing seems to vanished within milliseconds, and huge workload I had seems to not be as much or as impossible to accomplish as before.

No matter how many things I have running through my mind, no matter how busy I am with myself running this way and that, I go into the darkroom for photo and everything else doesn’t seem to matter anymore. I get this time gap where I can focus on what’s in front of me and the things I want to get done. I work, productively, on my prints and my negatives (my photos and my film). I get this little island of peaceful calmness where all the chatter in my head silences. Everything is calm. Everything is quiet. Everything is okay.

These are my little escapes from life.
I don’t add my writing to my list because that isn’t always the effect it has on me. Writing can boost my emotions, causing more of one particular feeling to double in intensity, but writing can also calm my emotions, making me only focus on the one that I actually want to feel. Writing can clutter my thoughts, making the mess in my head ten times worse, or it can be the way everything gets out on paper and vanishes from my mind. Writing can do either or, but the other two have basically the same effect every single time.


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