I See You

I See You

I look up into these eyes. I can see the hint of worry, even everything seems completely fine. They look at me, reading me, trying to figure out what is running through my mind. I stare back into them, grateful that they are taking the time to take me in.

They see me for who I truly am. They see the flaws in me, but see the beauty in everything and in all. They’ve seen me as I’m breaking down, sobbing in tears. They’ve seen me excitedly happy, jumping up and down on my feet. They’ve seen me embarrassed, trying to hide from everyone and everything. They’ve seen me frustrated, gripping at the air trying to strangle what’s not there. They’ve seen me engulfed in nearly every emotion, yet they still love everything that is me.

I look up into these eyes. I can see hints of everything that lies behind them. I look into them and see everything they try to hide. I read them, trying to see what’s running through the owner’s mind. I stare into them, loving every part of the person within.

I see them. I see the flaws. I see the mistakes, the regrets, the disappointments and I love every bit. I see the beauty. I’ve seen them filled of disappointment. I’ve seen them covered with worry. I’ve watched them dart back and forth in restlessness. I’ve seen them try to avoid eye contact, embarrassed. I’ve seen them engulfed in many emotions; I know of the part of them others do not know, yet I still love everything that is them.


2 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Great writing! I felt as though I was experiencing your situation from a first-person perspective. The lack of detail of the people described and information about the narrator left me a little puzzled, but this is great for sparking thoughts of people in my life and similar experiences that I have had in knowing others very well and being known very well.

    This article could be used as writing inspiration to others for people with writer’s block and who have trouble finding something to write about.

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