I knew I had a death glare. I had that look in my eyes that meant business. I had that aura around me that told people, who knew how to read it, that I knew what it was like to get hurt and wasn’t afraid of it. I knew what I lead on. I knew I was a threat.

I was on high alert. Everyone and everything got scanned thoroughly. I was not letting my guard down.

Someone said my name. I looked over and saw one of my friends. He looked worried…too worried.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

His girlfriend walked up beside us. I glared at her, hard. She noticed and tensed immediately was scared.

“Get her away from me.” I warned him, bringing my eyes to his.

He held my eyes there for a minute. He didn’t do anything. He didn’t move. He didn’t speak. He just watched and listened. He read me.

Another friend of mine came over from behind me and tugged on my sleeve. I ignored her. She made a cute little growling noise at me to get my attention. I ignored her again. She made it louder. She continued to get ignored. She made it even louder. In return, I turned and growled at her, threateningly. Even for someone who everyone usually feared, she took a step back from me without thinking. It made me proud. I snarled at her again, wanting her to walk away. I was too emotional. I was too edgy.

“Walk away. Please.” I asked of her through my teeth. “Walk.”

She took another step back, fear in her eyes, but didn’t move to walk away.

I couldn’t help but snarl at the hand that was placed on my shoulder. I turned and saw him standing in front of me. I didn’t know why but I felt pure anger and hatred for everyone I set my eyes on. I felt threatened.

“Calm down…” He told me. I snarled at him.

I flexed my arms. It took too much effort to not punch something…or, even worse, someone. I felt someone come from behind me and hold my arms to my back. I struggled to get free, but I continued you to try.

Seconds at a time, I felt myself return to normal. But the demons within would not give me a break. They fought hard. I fought too. But I was losing.

“Look at me.” He told me. I felt a finger on my chin.

I turned away. “Get her to look at me.” He told the person holding me.

The person took a step back and made me to the same.

“Look at me.” He used a little more force this time.

My eyes met his. I knew I had pure anger and hatred within my own. I could only see worry and concern in his. I felt horrible for making him go through watching me like this. I fought back my demons harder but continued to struggle. They are too strong.


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