As The Darkness Unfolds Once Again

As The Darkness Unfolds Once Again

Pain stabs at my chest as tears fall to the ground. The darkness engulfs whenever is found. I stare up ahead but my eyes quickly fall to my feet. There hopefully won’t be a day that I admit defeat.

I don’t want to show you how much pain I am truly in. I shove all my emotion and struggles deep, deep within….but I can’t seem to get away with it for your worry eyes describe the fact that you can see much more than what my appearances reveal.

The fight I thought was over had never truly died down. The ghosts and demons live in the mist of my life and pounce at any opportunity found. It gets worse and worse as the long days past. I try to fight on but sometimes my reflexes aren’t that fast.

You see me struggling but I don’t share to anyone else who is there. I put on a front and say everything is okay but in reality….I am blind in the darkness and for that I have fallen for the devil at my angel’s wake.


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