Empty Silence

Empty Silence

When minds are filled, mouths are silent. When words aren’t found, mouths wish to make sound.

It’s been years since I first met you. It’s been months and months sine I first realized I’d love you unconditionally. It’s been weeks and weeks since you told me you loved me. It’s been days since the last time we had any time together.

I watch you go with her. I watch you go on with your life. I know this bothers you. I know it’s something you wish you didn’t have to hide.

You say constantly that you’re working something out. You tell me you love me, show me when the words aren’t found.

You are there for me through ins and outs. You support me through ups and downs. You are a shoulder for me to lean on when I have doubts.

I love you. Love, I love…

The smile you give me when it’s just us; my smile that is one only I see, the laugh you voice, the clicking sounds you make, etc.

The way you dress when it’s cold out, the way you stand when you’re by my side, the way you hold my hand, etc.

How you look at me when you’re concerned and worried, how you constantly try to make me smile and laugh, how you talk to me when you know I’m frustrated or angry, etc.

That you always put others before you, that you always try to help, and when you do it’s out of your heart and never personal gain, etc.

Everything about you.

I don’t want to lose you but it’s time to let you go.


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