I Hate Myself

I Hate Myself

For not doing my best. For not asking for help when I knew I needed it. For not having the guts to ask questions. For not taking risks. For not pushing myself in my works. For not looking to the future a little more. For pushing aside so many things I knew I needed to work on.

But I’m proud.

That I saved a few lives during the past few years. That because I lent a helping hand some people are still here today. That I tried my best. That I did what I know many others wouldn’t have, and didn’t.

But now…I am unsure.

Of what will happen next. Of where the path turns and curves. Of the future that is ahead of me. Of this shaky floor beneath me. Of where I will end up in the near future. Of how people will look at me. Of whether or not I will still be accepted by my friends and family.



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