Something Else

Something Else

Alec stared down at his hands as he sat on the curb of the house. Though there was a party rumbling behind him as people cheered with joy, he didn’t want to be there and all he felt was broken and lost. He didn’t know what he was doing, where he was going, etc. He didn’t know anything.

“Hey, are you okay?” He looked up behind him and weakly smiled at his girlfriend. “Still trying to figure it out?”

“I know it wasn’t him.” He mumbled, knowing no one believed him. “It was something else.”

“The police said it was a normal murder. They got the guy locked up now. It’s time to let it go. This party is suppose to help you get your mind off of this…not so you can come out here and sit by yourself with your thoughts.” She sighed.

“No. It’s not. I know it wasn’t him. The killer is still out there. And this party? It wasn’t my idea. It was yours. I don’t need this. I need to figure out who, or WHAT, killed my parents.”

Her tired eyes looked back at him, filled with worry. “I can’t do this with you again…Come inside.”

“I will later…maybe.”

She paused behind him but didn’t say another word. She was tired. He was too.

Minutes passed and soon hours flashed by. Then a brief shadow that caught Alec’s eye. Something about it was different. He was suddenly intrigued but quickly brushed it off.

“I know what happened to your parents.” A girl’s voice came in a whisper right by his ear.

He turned quickly, but there was no one there. When he looked up, a girl’s figure stood in the dim light just beyond the walls.

“You need to trust your heart. Follow me.” The voice came again but she hadn’t opened her mouth.

He followed. Quickly a walk turned into a jog that escalated into a sprint down the dark ally to the end of the park behind his house.

“Who are you?” Alec asked cautiously.

“Mom and Dad never told you about me. They never told you about who they were or where they came from. They never told you a lot of things, like who was coming to take their lives. That’s why I’m here now to give you the right information…and to protect you from the ones who did the murder.”

He couldn’t say anything. Who was this girl? Was she crazy?

Her blonde hair flowed in the light breeze, the black tips flicking in the air. Her skin glowed in the moonlight showing off a stunning drawing on her forearm: an angel wing.


How did she know his name?

“You are not insane. You are right. The death of our parents was not an ordinary murder that the people around you are use to, but that’s all they know. We have to do this on our own because they will never understand. Do you understand?”

“Who are you?” He asked once again.

The girl smiled and jumped down gracefully from the pillar to face Alec. “Hi. My name is Violet. I’m five years older than you. I use to be by your side but I was taken away to train when you were just one. I’m your older sister.”

“How? Train? What?” He stumbled on his words.

“I know this is a lot to take in but I need you to do it quickly. This is real. This is happening. I am here. This is not your imagination. This is not a dream. You need to get it around your head that there is a battle coming and you are standing in the middle of it.”


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