April 6: Faraway

April 6: Faraway

Just had a glimpse of what ‘love’ felt like. Just felt what it really meant to feel like you belonged next to someone. Just tasted what it was to have a place called ‘home’, even if it was not the typical place inside four walls.

But now it has gone. The feeling has been replaced with uncertainty. The feeling got shoved away with actions of betrayal. The feeling vanished and ran for the hills when ‘home’ became ‘hell’.

Yearning for the return, I search a place faraway for something I lost that I feel as if I deserve and should have. Questioning lies and truths, I venture a little further to gather information on where I should look to get what I want. Having faith in what happened and what I know was true, I don’t give up on this ‘faith’ I have found myself believing in as it is everything that I have to do.

Far or close, miles apart or right next to my heart, ten hours later or ten years past, there will not be a day that I give up on what I believe in. Holding onto what I know is true, I hold onto the truth, I hold onto you.



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