April 15: Snap

She stays silent as tears stream from her eyes. She grips onto her sleeves and clenches onto them tight. She closed her eyes and wishes everything away. She’s held on, been strong, but…just…one day…

She’ll scream out with all her might. She’ll question and wonder what is wrong and what is right. She’ll beg for someone to come and and just…give…

A lending hand that will help her get back on her feet. An understanding smile that will let her know she is not alone. A hug, an embrace, that tells her she is loved and she is strong. A friend who will stick by her side until the end.

One day, she’ll snap
One day, she’ll scream…and maybe no one will hear her but…
One day, she’ll snap
One day, she’ll need someone



About MysteriesOfLife

“I’m a simple girl.” “You lied. You aren’t simple at all.” “Maybe I’m not. But if I said that, would you have stayed around to figure me out?”
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