April 21: Locked

April 21: Locked

It was as if nothing he did helped his case. For years and years, he wanted to get out. He needed to get out of the chaos that constantly screamed of all the things he did wrong, when he was too little to comprehend what was right and wrong and when he was forced through a certain path in life he did not want to walk. Everything he did seemed to be his fault, whether it was his choice or not.

He had to be molded into this bright young man everyone wanted to see him become. He couldn’t shed a tear, show any weaknesses, or do anything, ANYTHING, wrong. He had to constantly be dressed to impress and be a shoulder for young girls to rest on. He had to be this strong, indestructible piece of machine. But this was not him. This was not even human.

Chained from his legs and wrapped at his wrists, his parents did everything they could to force him through the tight little mold of an image they had always wanted their little son to be. It seemed as if they knew who they wanted as their son even before he started to form and existed in their lives. They probably imagined all the things they wanted in their child long before, putting all the dreamed characteristics, habits, and thoughts in one person without any flaws of any kind. But they needed to realize that was not possible.

People have flaws. People make mistakes. People have to be allowed to grow up and learn. People have to be let to be who they really are instead of becoming who someone else desired them to be.

But his parents didn’t comprehend this. Because of this he was constantly trapped within the cells of his bedroom, his house, amongst his family instead of being let out in the “real world” and learn from experience as he grows up to be the man he was meant to be. If only he could break free, take his life into his own hands, and show everyone, and himself, who he actually was, then he would finally be free.

But, right now, he’s trapped. He gets silenced. He gets pummeled mentally. He gets forced into a mold that slowly extinguishes the flame that lives inside of him. He, who he really is, dies slowly as this character of the person his parents dream to have comes alive through painful torturous years of brutal killings.



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