May 2: Music

The familiar notes of the piano, the soothing beats of the drums, the strumming of the guitar…music.

When I want my space, I turn on something loud. The volume gets turned up and everything around me gets covered up by the songs played. When I want my space, I don’t even want to hear my thoughts sometimes.

When I want help sleeping, I turn on something soothing and calming. The volume gets softened and it feels like I got sucked into my happy place. When I want help sleeping, I go to the piano and guitar instrumentals.

I drown out my thoughts, the ones I don’t want to hear. I drown out the yelling, the voices that always scream. I drown out everything around me, the things that just take and hurt.

When I want to be left alone, I turn on something, anything. I focus in on the lyrics, the beat, the music. There’s a language within the notes themselves that never go unnoticed. It helps me get into a zone.

Music is everywhere. Music can be for nearly everything. Music.



About MysteriesOfLife

“I’m a simple girl.” “You lied. You aren’t simple at all.” “Maybe I’m not. But if I said that, would you have stayed around to figure me out?”
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