A Breather

A Breather

Life is constantly running around us; there is nothing anyone can do to stop time or halt anything from happening. It gets pretty chaotic and hectic at times. It sometimes even feels as if nothing could make life seem worse.

But there are those moments, through the most stressful times in our lives, that remind us that we can stop for a second and just breathe.


It doesn’t how horrible things can get; it doesn’t matter how many things can happen all at once because, in the end, it is all going to be okay.

Take a breath. A deep breath. Calm down.

Take one thing at a time. Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time.

Things get out of hand and there are things that no one can predict before they occur, but what happens doesn’t matter as much as how you react to it. You can’t control every event in your life, but you can control what you do about it and how you react. And to do the best, to think the best, to react the best, you need to breathe.

Music. Talk to a friend. Go for a walk. Play with a pup.

Take a break. Take it easy. It’s going to be okay.

Life is going to happen, despite what we wish for. Things are going to happen, despite what we want. It’s okay.


May 7: Sacrifice

May 7: Sacrifice

What I would give to have my best friend back, what I would give to gain that relationship back, what I would give to bring the past to present…

A lot has happened since everything happened, a lot has changed during the past duration of time, and a lot cannot be taken back but…

I wish…

…We could pretend it didn’t happen. We could pretend to move on. We could pretend as if it didn’t affect us. We could pretend to be okay.

…We were still the friends we use to be. We were still as close as we were. We were still talking and telling each other endless stories. We were still sending each other pictures. We were still telling each other when the sunset/sunrise was absolutely stunning one particular night/morning.

…We both wanted to work this out. We both had enough energy to put in the effort. We both were in better positions. We both were…okay.

I really want this. This really means more to me than anything. I wish it could work…right now…

Maybe, one day, we’ll come together again and…

…I’ll want to give up everything for this once again. I’ll want to work at this more than anything once again. I’ll want to have this once again.

…We will be stronger. We will be as close as we were. We will be okay.

…You will be in a better position. You will be happier. You will be better.

So much has changed during the past few years, so much can change during the next couple years.