May 26: Countless

May 26: Countless

You lent me a hand while I was in the dark. You cheered me up while I was down. You helped me see the light while my eyes were fogged by darkness. You wrapped your arms around me while I felt weak.

You held my hand when I needed some comfort. You stood by my side when I couldn’t see anyone else. You helped me stand up when I had fallen to the ground.

You were patient with me when I was stubborn. You were encouraging when I had my doubts. You were supporting when I needed someone to be there for me.

You created unforgettable memories with me. You made plans with me for the future. You went through so much with me by your side.

You pushed my buttons. You pushed my limits. You made me angry and mad. You made me disappointed. You hurt me; you apologized. You forgot about me; you found me again.You fought with me. You nagged me. You yelled at me. You threatened me. You got disappointed with me. You warned me.

You made me smile. You laughed with me. You made inside jokes with me. You teased me/let me tease you. You told me secrets and kept mine. You hated the same people I did. You helped me. You were there for me.

There are countless of memories I have with you. There are countless of moments with you that I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world.


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