It Will Sound The Same

It Will Sound The Same

Looking into the future, there was no doubt in the years we would spend together. Looking to the past, there is no doubt how far we have come and how much we have survived.

But looking beside me during this time, I have many doubts on where we will go and what we could do. Another battle, another brutal playing field, another gallon of hurt and pain comes to drain the light from life, cover the little spark in our eyes and take any energy or strength we have left to push forward and survive.

Could you see yourself
Growing old with me,
Watchin’ my head turn to grey?
Could you live with me
In my mistakes,
And the ones I have yet to make?

So when our eyes have seen their better days
And our hearing starts to fade
Put your arms ’round my neck, and your heart on my chest
“I Love You” will still sound the same
“I Love You” will still sound the same

Weeks and weeks have passed and the look you give has never changed. The feeling, the emotion, the sincerity…everything has remained the same. There is a small gap between us that still needs to mend, but I have faith and I believe that it will, sometime along the way to the end. There’s a quote that says everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay it’s not the end.

There is another quote that I will pull on that states the impossibility of forgetting someone you love because it is as possible as remembering someone you never met.

Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

Days become longer but seem to past by faster. Summer is here and this is the one year I wish to push the season back ’til next month…or even next year if ever possible. I don’t want summer to be here.

I’ll miss the cold chills of fall and winter. I’ll miss the comfort of spring. I’ll miss the constantly company within the campus walls.

I don’t want goodbyes to come. I don’t want the year to end. I don’t want the separation to start becoming true.

The faces I see down everyday will soon become a memory. The conversations we had, and the ones we never got to have, will soon flow past us with the wind. The moments we cherished and the memories we made will soon become of the past as we move forward with our lives and take what we can into the next chapter, the next pages.

It is unknown what will become of us. It is unknown what will occur even in the near future. There might be excitement and joy, but there might be pain and sorrow.

I do not wish for it to come so early. I never believed this would come so fast. We all knew it would happen despite all odds, but none of us wanted it to show up at our doors…we all wanted this experience to last.

Goodbyes to the campus. Goodbyes to the friends. Goodbyes to the parents and staff who had helped us through all the tough days and helped us keep walking until the end. Goodbyes to the campus. Goodbyes to the treasure.

Goodbye to our old life as we move on down the road to forever.

I’ll miss the place and I do not know when I’ll return. I’ll miss everything I’m leaving behind and hope one day it’ll still be here for me to say…hi. I’ll miss it here…

It changed a part of me. It brought out new parts of me and it buried others. Everything that happened here has molded me into the person I am today. I will never forget all the lessons I learned and all the memories that, in my heart, will stay.

I don’t want to say goodbye but if I must…I will say “until I see you again”. I have hope we will meet, even if we part ways, in the future and restart this life together again. I have faith that everything will be okay.