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Mistake (n.)

I used to love you with all my heart. I used to love you to a point where it was too much for my own good. I used to put you over everything else. And that was my mistake. Mistake … Continue reading

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Watching in Silence

I watch him hit you “playfully” from across the table after you said something to offend him. I watch him threaten to do it again later, making you flinch and quickly stutter to take back your words laughing to hide … Continue reading

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Friends. Bye? No.

I wonder how y’all are doing – at each of the colleges you attend. I wonder what you thought of your first few classes, your first week, your first classmates, your first teachers, your first time getting lost in such … Continue reading

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Never Would’ve

I never would have guessed that you’d come back and be my best friend. I never would have guess you’d be the one person I can talk to, if anyone, again. I never would have guessed…I’d trust you once again. … Continue reading

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Narrow-minded to more open-minded. Distant to more open. Quiet to more talkative. Cold to more welcoming. Being able to only see the pain to being able to see happiness. Being able to only feel hurt to being able to feel … Continue reading

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