Never Would’ve

Never Would’ve

I never would have guessed that you’d come back and be my best friend. I never would have guess you’d be the one person I can talk to, if anyone, again. I never would have guessed…I’d trust you once again.

It’s a few months before one year from the time I declared that I didn’t trust you. You knew it. I knew it. But you wanted it said. I didn’t trust you, with anything.

But that was in the middle of the time that you tried so very hard to win my trust over again, and I was bending. I was stubborn, as always, but you were winning me over with all your attempts and tries.

That was also the time near the day you talked to my best friend at the time about how you were starting to like me again. He told you, if you were falling for me again, then your feelings never went away. He asked you if you were going to tell me and you responded with saying that you didn’t want to mess things up. In your mind, I would’ve backed away from you; you didn’t want to lose me again, not this time.

It’s almost been a year since then. You found a love you don’t know you will ever forget. I went through a love I know I will never forget, but also never regret.

It’s almost been three, four years since we first met. We’ve both grown since then. So much as changed, so much as happened, etc.

I never would’ve guessed we’d be here today.