What is Writing to ME?

What is Writing to ME?

I write when I have something to say but no one to say it to. I write when I have something I want more than just my friends to know about. I write when have a story to tell. I write when I am frustrated, when I am disappointed, when I am proud or happy, when I have something to say, in general.

When I write, I find it easier to put my thoughts into words that another person can understand. I make things more dramatic when I feel like if I were to write it normally and calmly, it would not give my readers the same feeling as how I am experiencing it. I leave things out when they are too personal for me to be comfortable posting, when I want my readers to think of the connection on their own, when I think it’s best for some things to remain unsaid.

When I write, I have an outlet for my emotions, my thoughts, my ideas, etc. that might not always get heard by the people around me in real life. I also get the opportunity to hear back from people and discover whether I am really the only one who has experienced something or have a certain way of thinking on a certain idea or concept. I love being able to read back from you guys and see that I touched someone’s heart, that I said something they have always felt, that they felt connected to what I was saying, or that they can relate to what I have experienced.

When I write, I get my time to myself. I get some silence and get to focus on one thing, one idea, one experience, one feeling. Everything around me usually just disappears from mind. The only thing I think about is what I am doing and what I am writing about when I am at my writing desk.

Writing to me is…almost everything. It’s being able to say the words I wouldn’t have the guts to say in real life. It’s being able to express myself without having to look to someone directly in the eye and get put on the spot. It’s being able to write and rewrite my thoughts and ideas to perfection – in order to say exactly what I want to. It’s being able to reach out to more than just a couple people.

It’s being able to have time for myself.

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