Hope (n.)

Hope (n.)

I have been through a lot of pain, both physical and mentally/emotionally. My friends even say that I am ‘tormented’ because of the things they know I go through and see me go through. It’s life…for me.

But, somewhere inside of me, instead of feel hatred for this world, I still have the heart to have hope. I still have the courage to think that, one day, things will be alright again. I still have the bravery to put myself out there and hope that, one day, I will find someone who I will spend the rest of my life with. I still have the strength to keep pushing forward in life and walking through the storm that is my life.

When I look into children’s eyes and see that light, that innocence, that preciousness, I still smile in hopes that that spark of life will continue to stay with them and never die out. When I see children playing on the playground and being happy with their family, I still laugh a little in hope that they will always stay that happy and that cheerful. When I hear a child say something out of the ordinary, but with thought, I clap for them in my heart in hope that they will stay that intelligent, that curious, and that unique.

When my phone lights up with a text, I still hope that it is something meaningful from a friend who means something more than a stranger you passed by on the sidewalk. I still hope that there will be a genuine conversation that will make time fly by. I still hope that there is something more than just…”hey”.

Through all the nightmares I have lived through, the pain and betrayal I have felt, the disappointments and failures, the backstabbing and regrets, etc., I still have hope, and faith, to see goodness in the world around me.


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