T. You

T. You

Her: *quietly studying in the library*

Him: *walks into the study room and sits down in front of her*

Her: Hi? -laughs-

Him: *tries to look innocent* What? *but laughs*

Her: *shakes her head* How was your day?

Him: *exaggerates by slouching in his chair and throwing up his arms* UGHHHH the worst day ever!!! *waits for her to laugh* … *smiles* but it’s a tad better now than I’m here with you. *grins*

Her: *rolls her eyes* Just a tad? *laughing*

Him: *covers her hand with his on the desk* Okay maybe a little more than just a tad *chuckles as he takes her in*

Her: Just a little more? *giggles*

Him: OkayOK…a lot better *smiles and squeezes her hand*

Her: *smiles, looking up in his eyes* I missed you.

Him: *nods* I know… *sigh* I’ve missed you too…

Her: It’s been so busy with classes….

Him: *kisses her hand* It’s going to be okay. Trust me.

Her: *silently looks down at the table*

Him: *squeezes her hand gently* I’m not going anywhere. I promise. Trust me.

Her: I trust you…

Him: It’s going to be okay. I know it’s hard now. I know things are rough. But please trust me when I say that we will be okay as along as we are both in this 100%. *waits* You’re in this 100%, aren’t you?

Her: *gasps* I am! Don’t you trust me?

Him: *smiles* See where that kind of needs to go both ways?

Her: *softly laughs and shakes her head* Okay…I’m sorry. I trust you.


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