I Wish

I Wish

I see your eyes in pain, your body exhausted through your rough days, your heart broken and hurting….you, almost giving up hope in life.

I see the hurt in your smile, the pain in your laugther, the way your body weighs down on your shoulders as you try to walk around faking happiness.

I wish I could help you, end your pain and sorrow. I wish I could bring you happiness, life to your smiles and love to your laugther. I wish I could solve your problems, carry the weight on your shoulders and make life a little easier for you to withstand. I wish I could be the angel sent from heaven to make sure you make a stand.

I wish you would reach out to me, talk to me. I wish you had things easier, life was happier and more peaceful. I wish you could/would go out and chase your dreams, and achieve everything you’ve always wanted just for you. I wish you wouldn’t let your loyalties limit yourself from living your life and taking care of your own needs.

I see the things you go through and how much the pain affects you. I see the hard brick walls you shield your thoughts inside. I see the cage you imprison your heart within.

I wish you had a better life than this…

I wish I could do something to give you it…