Getting Inked?

For the past four or so years I’ve wanted to get inked. For the past four or so years I had this image of my “dream first tattoo”. For the past four or so years…I waited for myself to turn 18 to get it done.

I turned 18. I turned 19. I still haven’t had it done.

As a reminder of all the medical history I’ve gone through, as a reminder to take the time to step back and just breathe sometimes, as a reminder of who I am and everything I’ve dealt with, I want a line of heartbeats on my left inner wrist. I want three pulses. I want it to be sectioned into four pieces where each piece would have a letter of the word “LIVE”. At the end, right below where the heartbeat flattens out would be the word “BREATHE” in a typewriter font. I want a heart drawn into the end of the heartbeat. I want it to be simply in black ink.

I want it to be simple yet complex. I want it to be straightforward yet have a million of hidden meanings. I want it to be a present representation of me.

People say you will never be looked at the same after your first tattoo, your first announcement that you got a tattoo, your first visual/obvious tattoo, etc. People say it’ll be hard to get a job if you can’t hide your tattoo. People say…a lot of things…about almost everything.

How I see getting inked is like this:
It’s a powerful statement.
It’s a way to self-express.
It’s a way to represent yourself.
It’s a gesture of bravery.
It’s beautiful.
It’s breathtaking.
It’s strength itself.
It’s the ultimate “no regret”.

I know my parents wouldn’t be happy with the thought of me getting inked. I know what they think about it. I know where they stand. But I disagree with their standpoints.

It’s not just the people in gangs getting inked. It’s not just the people who’ve been to jail. It’s not just the people who break the law. It’s not just the people who fit into that stereotype.

It’s the artists. It’s the adventurous. It’s the strong-willed. It’s the creative. It’s the passionate. It’s the girly girls. It’s the tomboys. It’s the muscle men. It’s the regular guys. It’s everyone!
It’s the ones who just love the idea of it. It’s the ones who are simply following a trend. It’s the ones who want to look cool. It’s the ones who are simply awesome. It’s the ones who have something to say. It’s the ones who love to express themselves. It’s everyone!

So why not me?


About MysteriesOfLife

“I’m a simple girl.” “You lied. You aren’t simple at all.” “Maybe I’m not. But if I said that, would you have stayed around to figure me out?”
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