This is how I am:

I have my doubts,
I get overwhelmed with fear,
But I’m not backing down from this fight.

I second guess my decisions,
I overthink every situation,
But I will not walk away from this experience.

I worry about the what-ifs,
I look into the future and feel nauseous,
But I would not change a thing about my life right now.

When I am happy, I wait
For everything to end in disaster,
But I do my best to enjoy the moments I have that won’t last forever.

When I am fearful, I push
Those who care away to protect myself,
But I give in to the warm feelings if they are persistent enough.

When I am depressed, I shut off
Every emotion in my body so I can’t experience the pain and torture.
But I would never think of doing anything to hurt you during those times.

This is who I am:

A young lady growing up to find
That the “real world” isn’t as hard as it was in her mind.

A young artist still finding her style
As she walks down the streets and looks at life for a little while.

A growing photographer who has passion in her heart
Even when the work is hard, she knows she always has to start.

A little sister who looks up to her sister
As a strong woman who has made her mark on the world from the start.

A Dad’s little girl who tries her best
To just make her parents proud so she can finally rest.

A broken heart who has seen darker days
Trying her best to not let the present pay for those mistakes in the past.

A healing soul trying her best to make mends meet
As she struggles to find a meaning in all of this confusion and fear.

This is who I am.


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