Dear M…

Dear M…

I know you parted from your family at such a young age in search of a better life in the States. I know you had to go through a very devastating heart break when your relatives that brought you over treated you less than they should have. I know you were very poor. I know you had a hard childhood.

I know it broke your heart when the letters you wrote to your mother back home weren’t getting sent, but read instead. I know it broke you to find out the relatives, the only family you had around you, deceived you. I know it tore you apart when you were forced to drop out of college and give up your dream career. I know it hurts when you look back in time.

I can only imagine how hard it was learning English and being surrounded by this foreign land. I can only imagine how it felt trying to make the right friends. I can only imagine what it was like for you trying to survive with such distance between the people you called family. I can only imagine how much it hurt when you discovered your siblings, your relatives back home, disliked you just because you were the one and only to cross the seas. I can only imagine the pain you went through.

I know it hurts you when you feel limited by things you can’t control. I know it pains you when you get used. I know it angers you when you get mistreated, and I know uncomfortable it is to pretend like you don’t care.

I know you must have trust issues. I know life has been hard on you. But, please, one day realize that not everyone is going to mistreat you, not everyone has bad intensions, not everyone only cares about their personal benefits, not everyone is heartless. How can I make you see that just like how you raised two good-hearted girls, others can raise many good-hearted children? How can I make you see that just like not everyone has a good heart, not everyone has a bad heart?