Might As Well Jump

Might As Well Jump

“Look towards the sky, look into your heart.” – a little saying I found that means a lot more than I thought it could.

What is my heart saying?
My heart is saying “go for it”, “fight for it”, and “you got this” in more sentences than one. My heart is saying “you will make it”, “you will live it”, and “you will survive to tell about it” with probably more confidence than I’ve ever had. My heart is saying “don’t walk away”, “this is true”, and “this will make it” with all the emotions it has flowing through it’s veins.

My brain on the other hand is saying words like “you got hurt before, be careful”, “walk the other way before you get hurt”, and “be weary of what tricks they might be hiding up their sleeves” with that mysterious tone that makes you want to know more. It’s saying “think ahead”, “predict the outcomes”, and “it’s better to know than be surprised” whenever I get caught in the moment and wonder what the rest of my life is going to be like.

As you can tell, I’m like most of you, my heart and brain don’t always get along. They don’t always say the same things or send out the same messages for me to decode. Sometimes following my brain makes sense, is the better route to take, simply because I need to be logical. Sometimes following my heart is the only way to go simply because I need to experience life and I need to open doors.

My brain is clogged by the memories of the past. My brain remembers the pain way to much and does everything it can to make sure I don’t encounter that level of pain ever again. My brain wants safety in logical terms. My heart loves whatever it loves. My heart is like a free spirit that will never be tamed. My heart wants to shower the world with kindness and do whatever it takes to make me happy again.

You’ve probably heard the saying “follow your heart and chase your dreams” more than a hundred times in your life in either one version or another. You’ve probably been told to “listen to your heart because it knows the way” with one set of words or another. Have you ever listened to these sayings? Why not?

But before I decide to follow my heart, I remember to look towards the sky. Is the sky falling? Is it turning black and grey? Is it raining blood? Is it turning into a hurricane that will never be tamed? No? Then what’s wrong?

Follow your heart. You have one life. You only have a few chances.
You might as well jump.