Chiến đấu.

Chiến đấu.

One last time. One last straw. One last breath. One last war.

I don’t want to walk away thinking I could’ve done something different, that I didn’t try hard enough, or that I missed something I could’ve had. I don’t want to walk away thinking you were the one that got away. I don’t want to believe we messed things up and didn’t get to where we were meant to be.


I will fight for us. I will try everything I can think of to make us work. I will stay around more than long enough to give us time to be okay again. I will keep you in my heart and keep hoping that I’m still in yours. I will continue to dream about us. I will continue to pray for us.

When someone means that much to you, you don’t simply let it go. It doesn’t matter what gets in the way or what it takes to get over roadblocks. It doesn’t matter how long we have to wait. It doesn’t matter who disapproves or who tries to get in the way. It doesn’t matter…because what is meant to be will always find a way.

I believe I love you for you for a reason. I believe we have our connection as proof that we are meant to be something. I believe we are what we are for some kind of purpose that will play out in the rest of our lives. I believe…something about us was meant to be.

So take my hand and I’ll lead the way. Stay with me and I’ll be strong for the both of us. Believe in us and there won’t be anything that can hold us back.

One more time. One more chance. One more war.

Believe in us. Let me in your heart. And take my hand. We will get through this.