Another’s World

Another’s World

It’s interesting how our minds work. We create different perceptions of the various personas we encounter throughout each and every day of our lives. Whether your thoughts of a person depend on that first impression that halted you from beginning a new friendship, the casual/personal text message you received during a bad time, or the seconds of romantic bliss you experienced, we constantly manipulate the world around us to make sense through all that we see.

Even though we are constantly trying to teach each other to become more aware of one another’s experiences and feelings, we are still ignorant to the fact that what is being seen will change each and every time we choose to change whose eyes we wish to look through. On top of that, a person’s body physically reacts differently as we have different levels of strength to our immune system and different pathways of neurons in which information is processed. We, as in a small group of the entire population that lives on this planet, are always trying to learn about another’s background, another’s story, another’s feelings, in order to have even the slightly glimpse of what life might be like for someone other than ourselves. But, despite how much we may hope or dream, there will never be a day in which we will truly understand what it must be like to “be in someone else’s shoes”. It is simply not possible.

It doesn’t matter how empathic you may be. It doesn’t matter how many years you have known a person. It doesn’t matter how much you put into watching someone change and grow. It doesn’t matter how similar your lives have been for countless of years. It doesn’t matter because, at the end of the day, you cannot change the eyes in which you view life through.

That fact alone feeds our curiosity and will continue to push us to learn more about each other from day to day. We yearn to travel the world, to see the sights we haven’t seen before, to experience another’s culture, to learn about someone else’s heritage and beliefs, to get a sense of what another’s life might feel like. We yearn to be closer to the ones we love, to be there through their every struggle and every spec of happiness, to get right against that boundary between watching another’s life occur and experiencing it ourselves.

Because, in reality, all that we experience simply isn’t enough.



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