Make It Go Away

Make It Go Away

She walks through her life with long strides, a little more confident than in her mind. She takes deep breathes and goes after what she wants, ignoring the pain or the fear she feels inside. She doesn’t know where her decisions will take her but she realizes she does not have the choice to hesitate to make up her mind. She continues through her life and faces everything that comes into her path but fears she will never truly have the answers she is looking for.

Almost every breath is getting harder to breathe. She feels her heart struggle and race as she walks just a little faster paced. The pain in her chest remains everyday despite the amount of medication she consumes on a daily basis. The symptoms continue and cause her to struggle throughout her days. The dizziness, the nausea, the headaches, the difficult breathing, the lightheadedness and the seconds of blacking out all drain every ounce of energy she seems to have left.

She doesn’t know who to turn to. Her doctors have done countless tests, sent her to many other doctors, and have found nothing that could be a solution to her pain. One of her doctors even said one day, “It’s permanent…I can ease the pain when it gets really bad but I can’t make it go away.” And that was before, when it was just the nerve pain, and now it’s her heart…again. She doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t know who to go to.

If the pain would one day go away, if the symptoms would just one day vanish, if she could wake up one day and feel one hundred percent better, she would be living the dream. But that day isn’t going to come until the doctors find something else to do.


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