Your World Within

Your World Within

I just discovered Your World Within on Spotify. I just discovered their clip called Adjustments. I just listened to words that spoke to me.

And I realized, that is what I want to be able to do. I want to be able to inspire people. I want to be able to encourage people towards their own growth. I want to be able to connect to my audience. I want to be someone people could look to, look up to, and look over to.

I listened to his words and I couldn’t imaged better words to be spoken to me right now.

You see, I am still trying to figure out my class schedule at two community colleges while managing two jobs. My head was spinning when I discovered that I won’t be able to get into a class that is mandatory for transferring this cycle. But luckily my old professor is super understanding and is working to work something out with me.

When my head spins, I get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. I get very restless and sick in my stomach. Sometimes I get physically sick if I let myself dwell in this state for too long. I always forget to calm down and breathe; and, even if I do, sometimes the weight on my chest never go away, making it impossible to really breathe.

But when I calmed down this morning, and then when I heard Your World Within’s words through Adjustments and Just Hold On and Almost, something clicked.

I take words to the heart automatically. This is can be very damaging as well as helpful, I know. But it helped this time.

I heard his words and couldn’t help but smile as I sit here in this little cornered-off desk in the school’s library. My pen stopped writing down notes for class. My mind went blank and all I could hear were the words he spoke through my earphones.

I know things are tough right now. It might feel impossible to get through the situation you’re in. But there is always a solution. It might not be the solution you planned for, or a solution you even want to consider. But there is always a solution.

I’ll leave the link to Your World Within here:

Your World Within

Give him a listen and see if his words speak to you as much as they did to me.

I’ve always believed that it’s one thing to tell yourself something but it’s another to hear someone else’s words towards you. It makes the biggest difference in my life.