I Am Thankful

I Am Thankful

For the food on my table – especially Father’s home cooked meals.
For the clothes on my back – especially the ones that make me feel especially warm.
For the roof over my head – I know that not everyone else has this kind of home.
For the electricity that is always there – I don’t know what I’d do without it.
For the technology that I have – I understand not everyone has access to these things as much as I do.
For the toys I grew up playing with – there are so many memories locked inside of those stuff animals now.
For the education that I’ve been given – I get that I am lucky to still easily be in school.
For the family that cares for me – they all mean so much.
For the friends who love me – I don’t know where I’d be without some of them.

For the laptop that lets me work.
For the desk that holds all of my things.
For the supplies that I have to get through the day.
For the candles that calm my senses.
For the kinetic sand that helps drain my stress away.
For the phone that lets me reach out to the people I want/need to.

For my camera – for I would not have discovered my passion for photography without it.
For my access to Photoshop and Lightroom and Adobe Bridge – for I would not have indulged myself in editing without them.
For my class with film photography – for I would not have found my love for the darkroom or an appreciation for the old ways of photography without it.
For my friends’ support – I might’ve given up my passion without their encouragement.
For my friends’ praise – it’s the small things that pushed me to keep going and get better.
For my teacher who always encouraged me and believed in me – she made me feel as if I could do everything I dreamed of.

For the teachers who listened and tried to understand – they gave me an adult figure to talk to when I wanted to and made me feel like I can.
For the high school I ended up at – the environment and the people were different and taught me a lot.
For the experiences I had there (drama and all) – it was those that made me truly grow up and see things in a different light.
For the friends that I met (whether they stayed in my life or not) – they all had something to teach me at one point in time or another.

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