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I Can’t…

As much as I wish to help you through all the ups and downs, as much as I want to protect you from everything that is the pain of life, as much as I want for you to have everything … Continue reading

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Might As Well Jump

“Look towards the sky, look into your heart.” – a little saying I found that means a lot more than I thought it could. What is my heart saying? My heart is saying “go for it”, “fight for it”, and … Continue reading

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She walks through life nearly emotionless, because that’s the way she’s been taught since before grade-school. She puts on a smile and goes through the motions but nearly nothing truly touches her heart, because she was taught to never allow … Continue reading

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Shoved Away

We’ll discuss this tomorrow. Can’t this wait? Remind me later. Just get back to me. I’m busy. Can we talk later? I’m not in the mood. I’m in the middle of something. Later. This can wait. What I’m doing can’t. … Continue reading

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No. Just. No.

I’m sick and tired. I’m sick of always checking my phone to see if any of my friends wants to talk or check in or even bother asking how everything is in my life. I’m tired of feeling left out … Continue reading

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