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A Reoccurring Dream

After a long week of work and study, I collapse into my king-sized bed and throw the comforter over myself. The quiet humming of the AC calms me somehow as I snuggle into my blanket and close my eyes. Finally, … Continue reading

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A Question to Answer

I have a question for my readers. And I’d love to hear back from you all in the comments or even just email me: mysteriesoflifeyouandme@gmail.com (Seriously, I’d love to hear back from everyone!) So the questions are as follows: 1. … Continue reading

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Lost Memory

Driving down the normal freeway home, the cars around me are going at least 70mph. It’s a great day. There’s no traffic. It’s wonderful. I should be getting home in half an hour, but my thoughts are wandering and that … Continue reading

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