Just Like That

Just Like That

Will you ruin my favorite songs if it all goes bad

A friend tells me, I always jump all in when I find someone I get along with. I always go in for the long run when I find someone that fits me. I always am all or nothing when it comes to relationships or, really, anything new.

Is this gonna end with champagne or an empty whiskey glass

I can already feel myself reaching out for his hand when we walk side by side down the street. I can already feel myself leaning back against his chest when he stands close behind me.

You lead and I’ll follow along
Let it be whatever you want
I got a feeling this is right We can sleep it on tonight

But what ruins the fun about the present is overthinking what is going to happen in the future. People overthinking, over-analyze, and over-stress over things that they already know are out of their hands. So why stress? So why worry? So why do anything more than just enjoy this time, our time, and have our fun?

When you love at first sight was it’s just nothing
Yeah Oh will we be lovers or enemies
Or maybe somewhere in between

We will not be able to guess where we will end up in the future. If we jump all in, we won’t be able to say if it will work out and we will still be together five years down the road. But if we don’t give it a real chance at tomorrow, won’t we always be wondering “what if” we had given it all we could?

It’ll be what it’s gonna be when we both look back
Are we making my favorite memories or the reason I can’t fall asleep

I don’t know where life is going to lead us to. I don’t know what five years down the road looks like from here. I don’t know what next week looks like for me. But I will give my time to someone who is willing to give their time to me. I will give my time to him if he gives his time to me.

Will you ruin my favorite songs if it all goes bad
Is this gonna end with champagne or an empty whiskey glass

And, with that, we will see where the world leads us.

**Empty Whiskey Glass by Rajiv Dhall lyrics ❤


May 2: Music

May 2: Music

The familiar notes of the piano, the soothing beats of the drums, the strumming of the guitar…music.

When I want my space, I turn on something loud. The volume gets turned up and everything around me gets covered up by the songs played. When I want my space, I don’t even want to hear my thoughts sometimes.

When I want help sleeping, I turn on something soothing and calming. The volume gets softened and it feels like I got sucked into my happy place. When I want help sleeping, I go to the piano and guitar instrumentals.

I drown out my thoughts, the ones I don’t want to hear. I drown out the yelling, the voices that always scream. I drown out everything around me, the things that just take and hurt.

When I want to be left alone, I turn on something, anything. I focus in on the lyrics, the beat, the music. There’s a language within the notes themselves that never go unnoticed. It helps me get into a zone.

Music is everywhere. Music can be for nearly everything. Music.