Emerald Green

Emerald Green

“You took the shoes!” My sister whined from behind me as i carried the bag of trash out to the back gate.

“You’ll survive! You’re just standing there! I’m walking to the street!” I laughed as I yelled back to her

I fumbled with the lock on the handle briefly before getting hypnotized by something about my car. It was parked at its usual spot in front of the back gate. But there was something about it tonight that made me wonder…

Maybe it’s just the weird night light. I thought. I usually didn’t come out this late and if I did I never paid attention to how my car looked. So it was probably that I was not use to seeing the car in this light.

I walked out to the trash cans that stood at the curb. I looked down the street, as I always did, and saw a million of blurry smudged lights in the distance representing the line of city lights. The sun had set and the street lights were on. I hadn’t had my glasses on. Everything had a tad fuzz to it. A little worse than I remember before. But I didn’t let it bug me.

I continued to throw away the trash. When I was finished, I looked back down the street again. Below the horizon was the rest of the street that my house was on. It went pitch black near the end of the hill, but I knew the hill continued down and around to a dead end.

There was something there. Suddenly I got a cold chill down my back. My eyes darted to the other side of the street, where the street lights were closer and the pathway a bit brighter. I still had a bad feeling. I could feel someone watching me. But I couldn’t bring myself to walk inside.

I looked back down into the blackness of the street. I swore I could see glimpses of emerald green eyes staring back at me throughout the thickness of the darkness.

I started walking inside. I walked faster and faster. Something was following me. Soon i was darting inside the gate and slamming it closed.

Once I got inside, I steadied my breathe and calmed down. I quietly laughed to myself, realizing there was nothing there. I was just being paranoid.

Then the green eyes appeared in front of the gate. I had started to turn around and head inside when I saw them. I didn’t dare look back to make sure I saw right.

When I got around the corner, to the other side of the pool. I looked back. There was nothing at the gate. But there were green eyes from beyond my building…in my backyard.