A Reoccurring Dream

A Reoccurring Dream

After a long week of work and study, I collapse into my king-sized bed and throw the comforter over myself. The quiet humming of the AC calms me somehow as I snuggle into my blanket and close my eyes. Finally, I could sleep without worrying about tomorrow’s schedule. It was Friday night after all.

Soon, I see this white light in front of me. It wasn’t as if I were standing in front of a lightbulb, where the light is too blinding to even look at. It was as if my eyes were protected somehow, allowing me to look straight ahead…despite not knowing what I was looking at in the first place.

I believed I was asleep but couldn’t shake the feeling of “having been here”, the feeling of deja vu. This warmth coated my body and suddenly I felt weightless. All the stress in my body completely disappeared. All the tension in my muscles, which have been there for years and years, had simply vanished. I didn’t remember the last time I felt like this, but I didn’t ever want to leave.

I looked ahead again, towards this oddly calming light and felt a pull towards it. My feet felt as if I was suspended in the air, so I could not walk forward but I felt my legs try to. It was as if I was being called, as if I was returning somewhere I’ve been before. I kept looking at this light but could not understand what about it fascinated me so much.

After a while, I felt a hand reach out to me. Something told me everything is going to be okay. Something told me I was taken cared of. Something told me all I had to do was wait for whatever is supposed to unfold next. It was as if something was guiding me. Somehow I was protected. Somehow I was watched over, in a way. Somehow…I had this sense of security.

Then I opened my eyes and found myself still laying in my bed, surrounded by the darkness that is nighttime. But I found myself holding onto that sense of security, and I felt in my heart that everything was going to be okay. Something told me I wasn’t alone. Something told me I was taken cared of. Something told me I was promised…what, I don’t know.

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A Visit Promising Others to Come

A Visit Promising Others to Come

I looked out the glass wall in front of me and sighed at the beautiful view. Mountains, treetops, buildings, city lights and a busy street were all there. It was breathtaking.

As I looked over the treetops, I noticed that the city was so far away. Beyond the trees, the city lights glistened beneath the mountains beyond them. They sat there, in the distance, just minding their own business.

In front of me, was just…nature. There were houses within these trees, roads that winded within the small areas. The dirty paths led to small houses; they were small but cozy and the view they each had was absolutely astonishing.

To my left was a little lit up road. Buildings flashed business signs and cars drove with their headlights on. It was a very busy little street. I could only see a section of it due to the drop of the road as it led into the city, but I knew how full of life it truly was.

As I stood there, at the cozy little house, on top of the world, I yearned to be able to stay. I wanted to be able to wake up to this view every single day. I wanted to be able to watch the sunset, as I just did, quickly vanishing beyond the mountains in unbelievable time. I wanted to stay and feel the nature around me.

But, of course, that wasn’t possible.