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How do you get over getting told everything that ever meant anything to you during the past several years was a lie? a facade? fake? Stupid. Why did I believe them when they said they were my friends? Why did … Continue reading

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Dear M…

I know you parted from your family at such a young age in search of a better life in the States. I know you had to go through a very devastating heart break when your relatives that brought you over … Continue reading

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T. You

Her: *quietly studying in the library* Him: *walks into the study room and sits down in front of her* Her: Hi? -laughs- Him: *tries to look innocent* What? *but laughs* Her: *shakes her head* How was your day? Him: *exaggerates … Continue reading

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I Will Never Forget You

You give me my strength to push forward. You give me my courage to take risks. You give me encouragement to continue on. You give me support to follow my heart. You are there to hold me whenever I’m breaking … Continue reading

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