“That Girl”

“That Girl”

Growing up, I was always told of stories of young girls getting harassed by a friend, by a relative, by a stranger. You were always told to be on the lookout for these types of people. But you never thought, one day, you would be that girl.

The girl who is scared walking alone at night, even if just across a couple parking spaces with your friends just a few feet away walking to their car. The girl whose body is completely tense when she thinks she hears footsteps behind her but don’t know who it is yet. The girl who cant get her heart to come down or her mind to calm down when the sun sets and the night gets darker.

The girl who keeps her head on a swivel as she walks across campus, even though it’s still midday. The girl who jumps at any sudden hand on her body, even when it’s just her old friend’s hand on her shoulder as he walks up to her to say hi. The girl who doesn’t want to leave the house after dark anymore. The girl who still gets nightmares and visions of the day he grabbed her body.

The girl who is scared out of her mind.

I never thought I’d ever be that girl. That girl was just in the textbooks. That girl is only the girls who party. That girl is someone who is out in public a lot. That girl…is the girl I see when I look into the mirror and see me.

And you know what?

Fuck you. Fuck this world for making it such a scary place to be a woman. Fuck the boys who think they are obligated to our bodies. Fuck this world for making boys’ inappropriate behavior seem okay by saying “boys will be boys”. Fuck the ignorance people who think there’s any possibility that a woman would want to be treated like that. Fuck the stupidity that blinds one’s mind to think that kind of behavior is “manly” or is okay in any shape or form.

Fuck you. Fuck the person who says you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Fuck the person who shrugs off girls and woman getting harassed, assaulted, and raped as if it’s the next headline about the Kardashians. Fuck the person who makes you feel unsafe. Fuck the person who thinks any of this is okay.

Fuck you. Fuck the person who said, “she was asking for it”. Fuck the person who thinks a drunk girl is a consenting girl. Fuck the person who ever thinks to blame the girl. Fuck the person who made the girl feel like it was her fault.

She never thinks she’s going to be “that girl” one day. So, fuck you for making that ‘one day’ be reality. Fuck you.


The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

I’ve never been one to take a stance on a political issue. I’ve never been one to yearn to get involved in the bashing and the insulting and the scams of a presidential election. I’ve never been one to take place or have a real say in anything like that. But, today, that changes.

Donald Trump is the president starting January 2017.

That was the result of this country’s judgement.

We all know what has been happening with Trump. We all know of the things he has said. We all know his attitude towards certain things. We all know of the riots and the attacks from supports and even those who didn’t support him. We know.

Things have been happening on and off throughout this election period. Things have been firing up people. Things have been making other feel very worried, scared and fearful of the future. Things…that can’t be taken back. Things…that might always stay in the back of our minds throughout these next four years.

But, please, hear me out:

There is hope.
Please have faith that this country will be okay.

Also, please don’t let the results of this election change your position on any topic that you once stood firmly for. If you supported the LGBT community, keep doing so. If you supported immigrants, keep doing so. If you supported women’s rights, keep doing so. Please don’t let fear of being attacked, fear of being judged, fear of anything, stop you from using your rights.

And please, do not attack one another. There are things that you cannot control. There are things that need to be accepted. There are things that will go on with or without this country’s blessing.

Let’s hope that they are the right things, too.

That we are not attacking people for their beliefs – they have their right of speech, right of belief. That we are not attacking people for their skin color – they have their right to be here just like you and me. That we are not attacking people for who they are – imagine what it would be like if the tables turned on you, how would that make you feel?

Please, people, try to understand those who are in fear right now. Please try to make this country safe again. Please try to make this country…great again.

Personally, I do not believe in what has been happening in just this past day or two between people and peers. I do not believe in this ridicule. I do not believe in this bullying, this harassing, this…these actions.

I grew up being taught that we are supposed to be united. I grew up believing that the person next door had every right as I did to be there, despite their religion, their gender, their race, etc. I grew up having hope that everyone else was that same. I wanted so badly to think that everyone had a huge heart and they would try to sympathize with other people, their peers, their friends. I wanted so badly to think that everyone would try their best to be as accepting as I was taught to be. I wanted so badly to think that everything will be alright as long as you treat others the way you wanted to be treated.

That was the golden rule, was it not?
Treat people the way you want to be treated.

America, what are you doing right now?
Is this the way you want to be treated? You deserve better.