Where Is All This Coming From?

We go through life scrolling the internet, liking photos, watching videos, and reading different articles we find interesting. But we don’t truly ever know anything behind the photo, the video, or the piece of writing we read. We don’t know the person who wrote it, who told the story, who captured the moment, or who made a masterpiece. Who is the person we are reading the opinions of? We are critics of life and what we tend to produce is what we tend to think of the world around us. Wouldn’t we like to know who’s mind we’re reading?

Now that I’ve got you on my site, I want to give you a little piece of myself. A lot of my personality and a lot of who I am as a person can be found throughout my blog, but sometimes it’s just easier reading this one page then the last some years of posts. So here it goes:

I, personally, am very young in life still. I am still trying to find my way around places, and am still trying to find myself within this huge place we call our home.

I want to travel. I want to get out there and experience everything there is to experience. I want to get lost in an adventure, instead of drowning in the regret of not have gone ten years later. I know there’s so much more out there then what I am seeing in front of me. I know there’s more than just this little space I’ve been chained to. I want to escape from here and go somewhere…somewhere else and be free.

The past few years have not been the easiest, but I will say that these couple years have given me the most to remember so far. I have gotten hurt a lot, betrayed and backstabbed, but I have also felt love, compassion, genuine care and support. There are a lot of moments where I wished hadn’t happened, but there are those I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

Now, for me personally…me..as a person…I think I’m very friendly, caring, supporting, loyal, etc. but I know I can be closed minded at times, dramatic, isolated or stubborn. But this is who I am. I have my flaws…that, honestly, I don’t see as flaws anymore. These are the features that make me unique, make me…ME…so I should be proud of that and embrace what I have.

But I also get that other people don’t always see themselves like this. As a friend, I try to help them realize what a wonderful person they are. As a friend, I try my best to always be there for them, support them, never discourage them, etc. I love my friends and they are nearly everything to me.

Besides my friends, I focus on photography and writing. I love art and how it speaks things words can’t even begin to describe. I have a passion for expressing myself silently but loudly at the same time. I have a drive to make art be seen as something beautiful again. To have an art degree, or be an art major, should be something to shout out with confidence, not to hidden with shame in fear of everyone looking down on you.

But hey…that’s me.

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